Thursday, 28 February 2008


We have now hosted an entire lifecycle of Jewish events in our home (not in the same house, but always our home.) Having previously hosted a shalom zachor, a bris, a pidyon haben, a bas mitzvah, a bar mitzvah, a chassan's tisch and a wedding reception and sat shiva, tonight, we were privileged to host a chupah. The couple had previously had a non-orthodox wedding, but felt that due to the stage of life/family that they are at now, an orthodox chupa would be appropriate. They duly turned up with parents, relatives and close friends, and the beautiful silk handpainted chupah which they used the first time round, and got (re)married in our dining room. It was a moving, but fun occasion, especially as the bride is enormously pregnant!


SuperRaizy said...

I just discovered your blog, and I'm happy that I did. These are lovely posts. I admire a woman who can raise six children and still find time to host a wedding in her dining room!

SuperRaizy said...
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