Monday, 28 January 2008

I Can List

I found this on A Mother in Israel and tracked it back to Aidel Maidel

Here's my list:

I can type without looking at the keys
I can speak reasonable French and make myself understood in Hebrew and Yiddish
I can cook a four course meal for 90 people.
I can multitask
I can play the piano and French horn
I can recognise a reasonable amount of classical music
I can run a fun and inspirational Shabbos table for my children and guests in the absence of my husband
I can write news articles, feature articles and opinion pieces
I can précis an article of 2000 words+ down to 900 words
I can use the Internet to find out almost anything
I can travel with 6 children and a buggy on the London Underground and get everyone there and back in one piece
I can remember the names of loads of people in my husband’s shul
I can make all sorts of different people feel welcome in our house
I can sew buttons on and do basic mending
I can get all my children into bed eventually
I can ensure that everyone has a clean set of clothes and at least one hot meal every day
I can French plait my own and other people’s hair
I can comb for lice
I can put a double duvet into its cover
I can shuffle cards
I can ride a bike
I can drive a manual car (that’s stick shift to you!)
I can post onto a blog
I can sing niggunim from a range of Chassidic courts
I can get my kitchen from disaster area to not too embarrassing in less than 10 minutes
I can remember to greet my husband with a smile
I can hug my children and ask them how their day was
I can tie scarves in lots of different styles
I can have enough self confidence to go out wearing the scarves
I can imbue my children with a positive self image
I can dance at weddings, even in the inner fast circle, and be mesameach the kallah
I can work to deadlines
I can reach the ninth level of Collapse 2
I can do a week’s supermarket shop in less than an hour
I can get more food into the trolley than I thought possible
I can bake great brownies
I can teach my children to bake so that they can now make all the desserts for Shabbos
I can express myself forcefully and clearly without being aggressive.

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FemaleJewishBlogger said...

I enjoyed your list. I am happy to note that everyone who is organized is proud of it, because I am not so well organized (and since we're expecting our fourth child next month, it gets a little difficult) and I always thought it just comes naturally to some people to the point they didn't think of it as an accomplishment. It makes me all warm fuzzy inside (really, not joking) to imagine all these loving mothers out there who run a household and honor themselves for it! Inspiration for me (since I grew up thinking housework was for those who can't think of anything more creative to do--ha ha).
Anyway, I'll check back anther time, and hope that you are updating the blog--I'd love to read about your life and thoughts...